The Rings of Power – Eight Episode Review

Tolkien was troubled by the lack of fantasy history of his beloved home country, England. For this reason, he wanted to create a colossal culture for himself and, of course, for his country. His books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have become legends since they were released. When an animation adaptation of the book was made in 1978, it did not have the necessary effect until Peter Jackson shot a crazy trilogy in 1999. The series, shot by Peter Jackson, became a milestone that put everything we know about The Lord of the Rings in our minds today. The look of the Elves, the image of Sauron, the design of Middle-earth, and many more things came to our minds thanks to Peter Jackson and his team.







Honestly, I really wonder what Tolkien House, who criticized the films made by Peter Jackson in those days, thinks about Amazon’s series today. The Rings of Power is a malicious production that was deliberately made to harm Tolkien’s corpus, to damage all the foundations Jackson has built. But I guess Tolkien House can’t speak out because of the 200-odd million dollars they received. The irony is that if Amazon can give them $200 million today, it’s because of Peter Jackson, whom they criticized in 2000. They were humiliated for 8 episodes with the money they “get,” thanks to Peter Jackson. Hard not to laugh.

The Rings of Power

I see some comments because it’s called “Lord of the Rings,” they are sad that the show is ending. This show has nothing to do with Tolkien. Thank God it’s over, and we got rid of this persecution. I also said in my previous articles that I endured this persecution because it will continue if we do not humiliate some things. This series is a freak that deserves all the humiliation.

We have seen that the scenario that 4Chan leaked came out exactly. Halbrand is Sauron. Everyone thought Meteor Man was Gandalf, but he’s a new Istari the show made up. The Harfoots really only took up time as a comedic element. The goal of a whole season was for the Numenoran army to come and save a tiny village. When I first read the script on 4Chan, I couldn’t accept it because I couldn’t believe that a vast corpus could be stuck in such a narrow mind. However, we should have understood from the explanations made during the production of the series that J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, any work that will be made by them cannot come out of quality. It was obvious from the beginning that this series would sink, from their bigoted point of view, the campaigns they carried out with lies, and their repulsive attitudes that did not want to accept the truth.

Again, as I wrote before, it is impossible that a billion dollars were spent on this series. Yes, there is really nothing wrong with the visuals of the series. I have to say that I really liked the fight between the witches and Meteor Man, especially in the final episode. Yes, although there are some non-universe elements in the witch sequence, the episode’s action was good. The series was not bad in visual design and some action scenes. When no ideology was forced into the scenes, the series came close to being of high quality. For example, it was amazing that the camera rotated 180 degrees and showed Sauron and Galadriel side by side. However, the fact that this series, which looks nice in details, is a disgraceful job, on the whole, does not change. It is upsetting that in a project that has a staff of 30 people in total, all action revolves around a place that does not exceed a finger. All the effort is based on a narrow idea. Even a little bit pathetic.

The Rings of Power

Throughout the series, there is an order based on humiliating the Elves. Galadriel is introduced as a genocider on top of a terrible character. Elrond was portrayed as a liar and a perpetual knee-bender boy. Gil-galad became a manipulative king. Celebrimbor was portrayed as a “master” craftsman who didn’t know what alloy was. Almost all the Elves in the show were beyond mediocre. And as I’ve been repeating since the first episode, it was a deliberate agenda.

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We learned that Amazon couldn’t buy all the rights. For this reason, we knew they could not tell many people and stories. However, we saw that the available material was sufficient. There was no need to create the story from scratch. It was clear that they could not write. For example, we waited for Annatar throughout the series, but there is no Annatar in the appendices, so they created the character of Halbrand. But the fact that they built the story around searching for Sauron with Sauron is pure idiocy.

To sum up… We repeatedly see that no project made from an ideological point of view can’t survive. When the aim is not to make art but to give a message, what emerges is not pure. Since it is not, it stands out, disturbing the audience. Especially when you apply this to an almost 100-year-old legend, the reaction you will get is not surprising. But I also need to point this out. These eyes watched many movies and series based on ideological foundations. Most of them were troubling works, either as a mantel or visually. The fact that the character of Archilles was black in the remake of Troy was simply an “ideological” choice. But the show itself wasn’t all that bad. However, The Rings of Power is a disaster ideologically and technically. I have not seen such an amateur job with such serious money spent for many years. Even just the apple scene in the last episode sums up the whole infrastructure of the series. Meteor Man drops the apple, and the apple falls to a point beyond reach. Why? Because the entire series was designed on the “I wanted it that way” idea. The whole reality of the universe has been thrown away. When you do business without considering the realities of the universe, it becomes an amateur freak out of mental poverty.

I’m sorry; this show wouldn’t have seen a second season without such a huge source of money like Amazon. Nobody’s watching anyway. However, it seems that Amazon is trying to make a second season by throwing another billion dollars away. I hope the new season to be released in 2024 will not coincide with House of the Dragon again. I would also like to thank Amazon for getting people A/B tested. Now everyone knows what is good and what is bad.


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