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When John Carpenter introduced us to Michael Myers in 1978, the idea was not to turn this universe into 13 movies, especially not Michael’s transformation into an undead creature. Carpenter wanted to turn the Halloween series into an anthology series. But Irwin Yablans and Moustapha Akkad were very insistent on a sequel. Finally, a series began in which Carpenter wrote the screenplay but did not direct. Although the third film transitioned to the style Carpenter wanted, it was too late, and the audience didn’t want to see anything but Michael Myers anymore. Akkad was always behind the series of Halloween’s stretching like chewing gum. Now he teamed up with Jason Blum and still stretching it out. But we see that Halloween is now an outdated idea. Because when you do the same thing in 12 of 13 movies, it starts to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Worse still, you forget that inherent taste of the first time.

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Let’s briefly touch on the subject… It’s Halloween again. A romantic relationship begins between Corey (Rohan Campbell), ostracized in town for the child he accidentally killed, and Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak). While the two strange names in the town are happy at first, everything changes when Corey meets Michael, who lives in the sewer tunnels. Corey, who comes face to face with Michael, is thrived on the desire to express all the pain he hides inside and finds the solution to becoming a murderer like Michael. Then, with Michael’s help, he begins to hunt down anyone who hurt him.

I will not hesitate to say that the last trilogy harms the corpus every time. Especially Halloween Ends has nothing to do with the canon. It is neither enjoyable in itself nor contributes to the universe in any way. It is a pity that a production called “The End” is built on such a simple foundation. Although, we can see from Jamie Lee Curtis’ recent interviews that she doesn’t even take the last movie seriously, and she tells the critics without hesitation that “everyone can fuck off.” Even from here, it turns out that the movie is a frivolous money-making movie.

Halloween Ends

Can say I love the idea. But this idea has nothing to do with the Halloween universe. I would watch it if they made it as a solo movie for a troubled kid to take a killer lesson from a murderer he encounters in the tunnels. If they had followed the woman who did not give her grandchildren to him in the end, it could have been a movie that could get at least 6-7 points. But when the universe is Halloween, the idea doesn’t work because it’s ridiculous and incompatible. It is so irrelevant that I even questioned which movie I watched for a while.

I was very critical that Michael didn’t die, especially in the movie “Kills.” Okay, you fed us Curse of Thorne, yes, but not that much. Michael is not a walking zombie like Jason. That’s why it was absolutely ridiculous that he stood up after taking countless bullets. Halloween Ends, on the contrary, they made Michael incredibly simple. An elderly aunt and her granddaughter manage to lay the indestructible Michael on the table and kill him. Bit incoherent, right? The extreme power difference between the two films is the product of the frivolity I mentioned in the 2 upper paragraphs.

To sum it up… The “last” Halloween movie, Halloween Ends, directed by David Gordon Green, is entirely irrelevant and mismatched. I would even say it’s boring. Maybe it will succeed at the box office with the power of the corpus, but 20 years from now, it will not be a film to be remembered. I don’t think they even want to be remembered anyway. The only benefit of the Halloween Ends, whose frivolity is felt almost at every moment, other than upsetting the audience, is that it will make a lot of money for Blumhouse. But I think this is another piece of news that should worry us audiences because Blumhouse has been far, far from producing anything “quality” in the last few years.

Cast & Crew

director: David Gordon Green

writers: John Carpenter(based on characters created by) Debra Hill(based on characters created by) Paul Brad Logan

starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney

USA | 2022 | 111 MINUTES |


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