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Suicide Squad, taking advantage of the negative reviews it received in America, has finally been released in our country. Even the trailer alone made Suicide Squad the winner of 2015 for DC. Personally, I guessed the film wouldn’t be that good. However, I didn’t expect it to be this mediocre. When I left the cinema, the only things that stuck in my mind were its negative aspects. I drowned in its negatives while searching for positives. To summarize the film: Suicide Squad is an overblown film that doesn’t suit the DC universe.

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Superman is dead, and the deep state is lost in thought. What if the next Superman isn’t a well-meaning person? The opening isn’t bad, actually. Amanda Waller believes that the only force that can fight metahumans is metahumans or equally bad characters that may appear in the future. For this reason, she has captured the worst living metahumans and killers and gathered them in one place. In the event of a possible attack, this killer army will be used as a weapon, the army will not be harmed, and the bad guys will kill other bad guys. Win-win. While the plan goes well, something goes wrong: It is difficult to control this many villains. One of the prisoners escapes and decides to take revenge. As revenge, he chooses to -of course- destroy all humanity.

I warn those who will watch the movie in the cinema: Don’t have high expectations. Watch it as any action movie. Actually, the bad part is that I can count several films with better action scenes and just as obscure actors as Suicide Squad. David Ayer has managed to make a simple action movie despite that cast. My criterion is simple: I want scenes that will make me say “wow” and make my hair stand on end. I’m thinking in the most superficial logic right now. For example, Wonder Woman’s entrance in Batman v Superman blew me away. I watched Suicide Squad without moving from my seat. There’s not a single scene that makes me say, “Wow.” There are a few seconds-long scenes sprinkled throughout the film that create curiosity. However, these are not enough to forgive the entire movie.

In an attempt to be funny, David Ayer, unfortunately, deflates the atmosphere of all the heroes who were supposed to be bad. Breaking glass and stealing bags may be amusing, but it’s not impressive. Unfortunately, David Ayer fails to deliver that motivation and atmosphere.

Before discussing Joker, I would like to touch on the cast: despite my liking for Cara Delevingne, I don’t think she was the right choice for her role. Her acting was fine, but someone else could have been chosen for the role. Without giving away any spoilers, I won’t extend the discussion… Viola Davis played Amanda Waller well. Viola Davis’ rise in “How to Get Away with Murder” has also spread to the cinema. I hope she continues because she looks great on screen, especially as a tough and destructive character. We see Harley Quinn on screen for the first time, and Margot Robbie might be the only interesting character in the film. Will Smith seems like God sent him to be a movie star. I’m now sure of that. The weakest links in the film are, unfortunately, Captain Boomerang, who has a minor role, and Killer Croc, who was a waste of makeup.

Let me start by stating my opinion: if you remove Joker from the movie, nothing changes. I am not comparing it with Nolan’s Joker, absolutely not. It has become such a mediocre character that it cannot be compared. I’m saying this as someone who is a crazy fan of Jared Leto. Leto is a master of transformation, but this character that was written for him did not work. When he dyed his hair green, he couldn’t escape looking like Scarface running a club. Unfortunately, I don’t know the comic book, but Joker’s involvement with money is negative from the start. His plain psychopathic appearance, lack of intelligence, wasting his trademark smile, and scenes where he plays to the camera all add to the negatives. David Ayer tried to cover Joker’s flaws with cinematic acrobatics. It was clear that it was going to sink from the trailer, but as people who are eager to praise new things, we waited with hope. Unfortunately, mediocre.

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In short… Suicide Squad has unfortunately not given even a gram of what it promised. If you intend to watch it, don’t get your hopes up; watch it as any action movie with many famous names and occasional jokes. The script is on the floor. Nothing could be more ridiculous than a being who can destroy all of his enemy’s weapons with a snap of his finger, engaging in sword fighting. DC has a more serious, darker, and steady structure. However, there were so many things in the movie that were contrary to the nature of the DC universe that -personally- I disconnected from the film after a while. It became an overly exaggerated movie that did not suit DC at all. And, I’m sorry, I won’t say the movie’s soundtrack is good just because they played The Real Slim Shady. The soundtrack list is like a “YouTube best music ever” list. The only booming soundtrack in the movie is the original Heathens song that plays at the end. I think the only thing I liked about the film was Heathens, which I listened to before the movie came out.

Cast & Crew

director: Davdid Ayer

writers: David Ayer, John Ostrander

starring: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, David Harbour, Cara Delevingne

USA | 2016 | 123 MINUTES |


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