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As we enter a new year, superhero films lead most of the curiosity. Hollywood is aware of this situation and invests like crazy in hero movies. The cast has grown so much that many actors use these superhero movies as a retirement plan. Both Marvel and DC attach great importance to their films. Let’s face it, none of them have yet made something like Watchmen. As someone who watched Logan in 2017, Justice League is, in summary, a mediocre movie, maybe substandard.

DC hasn’t been able to make a decent movie for a long time. Unfortunately, Suicide Squad was a colossal flop. Batman v Superman was good but pretty annoying with its Marvel-like exaggerated scenes. At least we have Wonder Woman, and her personal film was enough to save a whole year. Otherwise, if DC continues to make movies like Justice League, it will seriously break trust.

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Let’s briefly touch on the subject… After the death of Superman, the increasing strangeness in the city finally occurs with the arrival of Steppenwolf. Returning after hundreds of years, Steppenwolf wants to reach absolute power by collecting the 3 main boxes and making the world his slave. Then, of course, upon his arrival, all the superheroes gather and declare war on him. Among them are Flash and Cyborg, who will fight for the first time. Aquaman, on the other hand, has seen many battles, but he does not care much about the developing situation. Yet, at last, they all come together and go all-in for the challenge. But even though many superheroes come together, no one can stop Steppenwolf.

Then they think of reviving Superman. And shazam! With Superman coming, the whole movie is solved. Steppenwolf, who came to enslave the world and defies all humanity and superheroes, kneels before Superman, repents, and the film ends there. Happy end.

First of all, the movie was very satisfying, at least from the image perspective. I got a Sin City vibe, a noir comic book imagination. The design of the characters was done in parallel with this. After a long time, I can say that I liked Gotham. I can’t say the same for the shootings, but we shouldn’t have to say much about it anyway. After months of quarreling over who should direct, it was finally up to Zack Snyder. Yet Joss Whedon, the director of Marvel films, sat in the director’s chair after Zack left the project after the death of his daughter. Of course, the styles are different. George Miller applied to shoot the movie years ago but gave up after a while. At one point, the producers considered recommending the film to the Wachowskis, but they gave up. An endless story.

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Unfortunately, the story is not delightful. First of all, the movie has no finale. There really isn’t. I had to look around to understand am I the only one? The villain was simply knocked down, and the team made their hero stand. Where is the action? When I was waiting for a twist, it turned out the movie was over already. Superman came and saved the day approach bothered me a lot. It should be more complex, I guess?

The details that make the movie watchable are, of course, the actors. However, no matter how good the acting is, there are problems with the character designs. The character Batman is the most exposed in this movie. It was a pretty rough transition when the man who hated Superman to death suddenly turned into a fan. Wonder Woman is the movie’s hottest character. On everything. The Flash made an excellent introduction to the series. His humorous demeanor and shy side that doesn’t know how to fight are handled very well. We can say Cyborg was okay too. But I can’t say the same for Aquaman. I think they put Jason Momoa in the movie so everyone could beat a huge handsome man. He didn’t do much and took all the punches by himself.

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To sum it up… Although Justice League has achieved the desired visual consistency, I think it has remained mediocre as a story. It’s obvious that the movie has rushed. One hour cut from the movie has a significant effect. Because the film is not only directed by Joss Whedon, but also edited. The acting and depth are generally successful. After Suicide Squad, Justice League is like gold, of course, but we expected much more as the audience. But, as I said at the beginning, I think it’s sad that such a movie came out in the same year that a film like Logan was released.

By the way, do you know who won the running race at the movie’s end? In the 199th issue of Superman, the Flash and Superman argue like in the film. Oddly enough, Superman decides to fly backward. As far as I understand, Superman, who makes fun of these fights, is seriously competing with the Flash in the following issues and wins by a small margin.

Cast & Crew

director: Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon

writers: Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole, Joss Whedon

starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Jeremy Irons

USA | 2017 | 120 MINUTES |


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