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Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi in 2022, can be considered the beginning of modern superheroes. Spider-Man, played by Tobey Maguire, said goodbye to us after the 3rd movie, and the producers embarked on a brand new Spider-Man project and tackled Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield. Unfortunately, the film, which was planned to be a trilogy, flopped in the second movie and said goodbye to the silver screens. Meanwhile, Marvel started its own cinematic world by making a very solid entry into cinema with Iron Man in 2008, and this world continues at full speed with its 16th film today. But Marvel had always made controversial films because when they started to decorate their universe with endless jokes and choreographic fights, movies began to fade. Of course, this approach was quite pleasing to some. Not to me, of course. But producers knew that Spider-Man is always a ticket seller, so they managed to get our beloved Friendly Neighborhood hero, which does not belong to their universe, to Marvel. But I wish they hadn’t done this. Or not this way. Because their obstinacy on adolescence ended with the worst movie of the modern superhero era.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming, by far the worst superhero movie ever made, was signaling that it would be bad even in the making, no matter how promising it was. Although I’m a person whose prejudices are easily broken, the only reason I didn’t leave the movie halfway through was that I was going to write this article when it was released. I don’t know about comics, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find Spider-Man, let alone find a quality job, in the movie I watched as a person who spent his childhood watching Spider-Man and wearing Spider-Man t-shirts. Because there is no Spider-Man in the movie. Despite such heavy words, of course, I need to make an explanation. I will tell you one by one. First of all, we have to decide: Is it essential to stick to the comic book exactly, or is it good enough for the movie to be good?

The movie is progressing as a sequel, not a beginning. Spider-Man: Homecoming, which started after the movie Captain America Civil War, continues with Peter Parker chasing the thieves in the neighborhood with the costume he took from Tony Stark. But Parker, who somehow manages to get involved in a big gig, continues to track this event and finds himself in the clutches of Vulture. Tired of being small, Peter Parker (I’ll touch on this) tries to do his duty by screwing up the thefts of Michael Keaton’s Vulture, but Tony Stark doesn’t want him to get involved in such things. Asks him, no, orders him to hang out in the neighborhood and continue chasing the thief.

Spider-Man: Homecoming starts from the beginning with Marvel’s funny stuff, which I despise, and digs the seriousness into the ground even in the first second. The film pops jokes in almost every moment, even in the most serious moments. Only 1 or 2 of them are laughable. So much so that the action scenes in the movie are as if they were placed in the style of “must be an action scene.” Even the ferry scene, which should have been spectacular, was an absurd scene floating on illogicality. Such a scene in the movie where there are conversations about physics is very ironic.

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I see that “but he is a high schooler” defense will be made, and I openly accept it; you are right, it is a children’s movie. Because aside from the curvature of the characters, their depth is also zero. Sadly, even an actor like Michael Keaton is a zero-depth villain. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, is the most superficial character in the movie. So much so that there is no Spider-Man in the film. Spider-Man is actually Tony Stark’s toy. From the mighty Spider-Man with deadly spider urges to the kid with nothing without his outfit. Our new friendly hero turned into a ridiculous tech hack with all kinds of gismos in his costume.

When The Amazing Spider-Man was made, people were saying this is Spaydi from the comics. And now the same thing happened for Homecoming. It is even claimed to be the best. We got from a Spider-Man who is strong, able to fight, intelligent, and strong enough to stop a fast-moving train to a Spider-Man who supposedly can stop the bus with one hand and is too dependent on Tony Stark. A pathetic, reckless, zero-featured hero. A YouTube phenomenon.

The movie, which is poorly made from the action scenes to the music, is, unfortunately, the kind of work that children can enjoy but will make fools of people who have watched the 2002 Spider-Man. Worse still, the movie does not live up to its advertisement. As much as I love it, Zendaya’s MJ character is way too redundant. Actually, after watching the movie, I understood better that the reason for putting her on the poster was to attract young minds. I also wonder from which set they serve Shocker’s set photos because there is no Shocker in the movie. He’s nothing more than a nickname in a CS:Go.

In short, I came across Tony Stark’s new toy in the movie I went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. A weak, feeble, irrelevant Peter Parker who is nothing without the technology at his disposal. Don’t say high school; Tobey was in high school too. As someone who grew up watching cartoons, it saddened me to meet a superhero who couldn’t do anything like that. I am more angry than upset. There is neither proper action nor story depth in the film, in which it is emphasized loudly that he is a “child .” Of course, I don’t want to detract from your movie taste, but I have to say, that this is my personal opinion, it’s the worst superhero movie ever made. Go for fun, but there isn’t even enough action to entertain you.

Cast & Crew

director: Jon Watts

writers: Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers (screenplay by) Stan Lee (based on the Marvel comic book by)

starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon

USA | 2017 | 133 MINUTES |


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