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Castlevania, which started as a GameBoy game produced by Konami, was a beloved game among young gamers. However, for years, fans had been waiting for it to be adapted into a film, but no one seemed to take on the challenge. Perhaps something similar to Hellsing was created, but that was an anime from a completely different universe. In the 2010s, it was rumored that James Wan would attempt an adaptation, but there was no such project on his list either. That is, until Netflix came along with its innovative ideas. Even though it’s only four episodes, Castlevania has officially found its place in the Netflix catalog. Of course, one could complain about the limited number of episodes, but even that is progress. However, Netflix has an answer to this: preparations for the second season have already begun.

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Let’s briefly touch on the plot… Although it tells a fairly classic story, some changes in the narrative make the universe more intriguing. Vlad Tepes, also known as Dracula, is visited by a woman who, despite Tepeş’s terrifying appearance, expresses her desire to receive an education from him. This scientist, who wants to benefit from Tepeş’s wisdom, eventually wins Tepeş’s heart and becomes his wife. Of course, science is not something readily accepted in the Middle Ages. The people, led by the chief bishop, label the woman a “witch” and burn her at the stake. This naturally doesn’t sit well with Tepeş, but due to the mercy sown by his wife, he gives the people one year. For one year, they can do as they please, and then he will destroy the world, he says and withdraws into silence. The people do not take Tepeş’s warning seriously, and a year passes. Of course, Tepeş is serious, and after one year, he opens the gates of hell and unleashes all sorts of creatures upon the world.

While the animation boasts successful drawings and attempts to present Tepeş as essentially good-hearted, the series contains some rather hardcore scenes. When the gates of hell are opened, we get exactly what we expect. Due to the series’ brevity with only four episodes, the story feels a bit rushed, particularly in the first two episodes, suffering from this pace. Everything feels a bit rushed. Nevertheless, these shortcomings do not detract from the viewing pleasure. With the final two episodes, the series finds its footing in the desired storyline and provides an answer to what kind of story we can expect in the second season.

Actually, Castlevania seems like quite a successful work, but it leaves one with a sense of uncertainty. Perhaps due to the rush caused by having only four episodes, there is a sense of inadequacy. However, this inadequacy and deficiency do not disturb. It’s just a sense of wanting more. Unfortunately, 22 minutes spread across four episodes is not enough for a series like this. Especially for fans of gore, this anime is a delight and makes you wish there were more of it.

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In conclusion, Castlevania is a gift from Netflix, especially for animation enthusiasts who enjoy gore. The series turns the classic Dracula story into an apocalypse tale, offering a fresh XX experience. With its action scenes added to the savagery of the Middle Ages, Castlevania provides a satisfying animation, particularly for fans of RPG games like Diablo.

Cast & Crew

creator: Warren Ellis

starring: Richard Armitage, James Callis, Alejandra Reynoso 

USA | 2017 | 4 EPISODES |


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