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One of the unique names in today’s cinema is James Wan. Everyone looks forward to the movie that will be released when he sits in the director’s chair, and everyone is generally satisfied. But whenever James Wan sits in the producer chair, it just doesn’t work. The films he produces are often unsuccessful. But M3GAN is a project that finally hit the jackpot. Akela Cooper should also be congratulated here. The duo created a brand new horror icon that will be remembered for many years to come. Although M3GAN did not meet the expectations created, at least for me, I must say that I left the cinema quite pleasantly. Let me briefly explain why my expectations were not met.

Let’s talk about the plot first… In a world where toys are produced to accompany children as friends, Gemma (Allison Williams) is pursuing a big project. But she can’t find the inspiration needed to complete it. Until her sister got into a car accident. With the motivation to meet Cady’s (Violet McGraw) expectations, Gemma, the new guardian of the deceased and her nephew, develops a toy that will completely change the future: Model 3 Generative Android, or M3GAN for short. But what if a robot with artificial intelligence based on continuous self-improvement knows too much in the future?

M3GAN is a successful movie that takes its idea from Attachment Theory and builds a dystopian universe on this basis. The fact that an orphan child who lost her family will be attached to the first person is used as a powerful weapon. Gemma develops a robot that will take care of her niece instead of caring for her niece, who comes to her house as a socially weak woman obsessed with her career. Although Cady motivates her to make the breakthrough of the era, the way she develops her robot becomes a great danger in the future. But this danger is not new. Many times we have watched artificial intelligence develop itself and get become a trouble. Terminator, Ex Machina, Battlestar Galactica. M3GAN actually accomplishes what it planned by presenting a cliché idea in an innovative and somewhat entertaining way.

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The movie is satisfying in terms of idea and story, but there are some problems. I think we don’t know enough about M3GAN. I wish I could watch a robot with unlimited potential in action and witness more of its philosophy. Akela Cooper says that the movie has come back from being R Rated. I see this as a serious loss. I wonder how they’ll handle it in a possible second movie. I hope they can focus more on the character when they bring back M3GAN.

As always, a possible killer baby movie is always compared with Chucky. M3GAN, is the closest killer doll as a character to Chucky. Her fake smile hidden behind the scenes like Chucky, her fun to kill, and her “you ungrateful little bitch” come out after it’s too late make her pretty close to the crazy doll of the silver screen. Likewise, M3GAN has Chucky’s relentless stubbornness. Especially in the last parts of the movie, we can clearly see her unstoppable stubbornness.

To summarize, M3GAN is a very successful movie in handling its story, introducing the character, and unraveling all the knots it has built at the end. We can say that Akela Cooper and James Wan have signed a brand new screen icon that will probably last like chewing gum. The movie, which establishes the story of a classic artificial intelligence turning into danger through a little girl, turns into an enjoyable show with the beautiful acting of Allison Williams and Violet McGraw. But I think, the movie doesn’t promote M3GAN enough. Even the way they promoted her in their campaigns is nothing to do with context. The dancing scene was, maybe, the weirdest scene in the movie. In fact, I think, director Gerard Johnstone can’t show himself enough in the film either. The fact that he keeps his camera out of the events and remains a mere spectator, only letting just to M3GAN drag the movie is one of the negative sides of the film. However, it is a fun project to watch. Isn’t that what matters?

Cast & Crew

director: Gerard Johnstone

writers: Akela CooperJames Wan

starring: Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Amie Donald, Jenna Davis

USA | 2023 | 102 MINUTES |


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