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Following Marvel’s establishment of a massive universe, DC rolled up its sleeves and began building its own universe with solo films and mixed tape films. Aquaman is DC’s sixth film. Wonder Woman has generally been the most well-received among the solo films made so far. If you were to ask if Aquaman fits into this category of well-received films, I doubt it. DC took a serious step by partnering with James Wan, one of the best directors of recent years, and we can say they tried everything to please the audience. However, they will most likely not receive the desired response. If you ask me: Sublime!

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Briefly touching on the plot… The film focuses on the aftermath of Justice League and tells the story of Arthur, the handsome creature known as Aquaman, and how he was born, grew up, and eventually became motherless. Although he is actually the heir to Atlantis, he has no desire to be king; he is more interested in drinking beer in bars among icy mountains. But a place like Atlantis never stays without a throne. Under King Orm’s instigation, King Nereus decides to attack humanity. Orm, who is trying to unite the entire oceanic realm, swears to eradicate humanity by emerging from the sea onto land. Naturally, Aquaman, who has befriended humans, must find a way to stop this. After all, humans are sweet and innocent.

First and foremost, I must say that the film is top-notch in terms of acting. Patrick Wilson steals the show with his portrayal of King Orm, and Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Dolph Lundgren, whom you would never recognize as King Nereus, Willem Dafoe, and Nicole Kidman, all deliver magnificent performances. With the aid of CGI, they all look stunning in terms of style. Everyone showcased exceptional acting skills in this film.

We had never seen a successful portrayal or story of Atlantis before. Aquaman offers a beautiful narrative, both as a mermaid story and as a tale of the rise and fall of Atlantis. The Atlanteans shooting laser weapons underwater may seem a bit strange, but I can say that I liked the design of Atlantis. If you have seen Flashpoint Paradox, you know that Atlantis tries to emerge and destroy all of humanity. The same story applies to Aquaman. Only this time, Aquaman is not on Atlantis’ side. Humans, who manage to earn the hatred of everyone from aliens to mermaids, find themselves once again facing the threat of extinction, unaware of it as usual because they are all in line for coffee at Starbucks. Meanwhile, Aquaman, accompanied by Mera, tries to find his father’s trident and ultimately succeeds in saving Atlantis with the help of Karathen, also known as the Kraken. And humans continue their lives as if nothing happened.

I cannot be modest about this. James Wan is the best director of our time. Thanks to him, Aquaman has turned into a CGI extravaganza that can rival Infinity War. In the film, you can find references to various films, from Indiana Jones to Gladiator, Clash of the Titans, and countless sword-wielding kingdom movies. There was a criticism directed at James Wan that the action never stops. And indeed, it is true. Wan does not let a single minute go without action. Such a thing was probably not necessary, but Aquaman has turned into a crazy film that challenges Infinity War, even surpassing it with its final battle. Amidst all these fights, the script has, of course, boiled away, resulting in the film’s drawbacks of Orm not being a Thanos and not focusing on Orm’s background. What made the chaos in Infinity War fascinating was the philosophical problem of the journey leading to the outcome. Aquaman is a classic story of a struggle for the throne. Wan has produced an utterly action-based story, showcasing his skills. Therefore, I recommend watching the film in IMAX and simply enjoying it without seeking the meaning of life.

We know DC for being serious and dark. That’s what we were told. We are lovers of comic books. Films like Watchmen and Batman did a fantastic job of portraying that dark atmosphere in their time. Thanks to Zack Snyder. Even the ongoing DC series Titans reflect this dark atmosphere wonderfully. But Aquaman never presented that dark atmosphere, nor did it want to. The attempt to be funny, the desire to be humorous, is again disturbing and is another drawback of the film. Wan is a director who manages to make people laugh in his horror films. It doesn’t seem forced in his movies. However, when it comes to DC and some forced scenes, this humor stands out too much. Moreover, some choices in certain places can make you say, “Come on, really?”

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In conclusion… Aquaman is a visual feast where James Wan goes wild and directly challenges Infinity War. It fills every minute with action; if you watch it in IMAX, a headache is included with the ticket. The script’s constant focus on action, the inability to get to know any character closely except the lead and the failure to give Orm a Thanos-like philosophy are the film’s drawbacks. In fact, the lack of any substantial groundwork for Orm is the biggest drawback. If you’re someone who says, “I’m going to the movies for fun,” then Aquaman will fulfill all your hype.

Cast & Crew

director: James Wan

writers: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Will Beall, Geoff Johns, James Wan, Paul Norris, Mort Weisinger

starring: Patrick Wilson , Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Dolph Lundgren, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman

USA | 2018 | 143 MINUTES |


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