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Fuck Batman!

Marvel has created a massive chain by carrying the universe, which started with Iron Man. Then DC, too, joined the cinema and TV frenzy. Arrow in 2012, Flash and Gotham in 2014, Supergirl in 2015, DC Legends of Tomorrow in 2016, and Black Lightning, Krypton, and DC Daily in 2018 have appeared as television DC series. Titans is DC’s latest TV product. Let me summarize what I’m going to tell you about Titans, which is pushing the hills on IMDB’s most popular TV series list, in one sentence here: Titans is an excellent series that gives the dark universe that we have been waiting for years from DC.

Let’s briefly focus on its subject… Titans is the story of a group of caped heroes whose names have not been heard and have been overshadowed by top-class superheroes. Unable to control her power, Rachel, or even not understand what it is, encounters Dick Grayson, aka Robin, who wants to escape and start a new life without Batman. Although Robin promises to protect Rachel, an unknown evil company is constantly after Rachel, and for this, they send maniacal also superpowered families after them. In time Koriand’r, who doesn’t remember who she is, and Gar Logan, a mutant, join their journey. The quartet tries to learn to control their powers and, in the meantime, fights the maniacs of this mysterious company.

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DC has disappointed us with its movies for years. No matter how long their TV series have been watched, they could not reach the high level sought. But apparently, DC did learn its lesson and did a great job with the Titans. It’s not just Titans. It seems like DC will extend and vivify its universe with the series to come in 2019. The Doom Patrol team we met in Titans will be with us in February. At the same time, Black Lightning, released on the screens in 2018, is one of DC’s successful works.

Titans don’t make the farcical mistakes other shows have made, and it finally presents us with the dark, bloody, grueling DC universe that is sought after. In the series, we had the chance to meet Dawn Granger, Hank Hall, Jason Todd, and Donan Troy. And, of course, Gotham’s number one Batman is also in the show. Let me note: Wonder Girl gives goosebumps in the scenes she exists and shows off her skills… The best part of Titans is that all the other heroes and villains are present in the show. Many characters, such as Batman and Joker, exist in the series, yet their presence is not visible; they are only mentioned in the dialogues. But it creates the vibe that Titans are in the same universe as them.

DC also worked on the action part of Titans, which keeps the consistency of the dark vibe well. The series, which offers thriving action scenes, also impresses with its story. Let me tell you this: The series is a mix of 3 different Titans stories. It does not address any Titans comic book precisely and entirely… We can say that the first season of Titans, which focuses entirely on Rachel’s story, except Dawn and Hank’s story of becoming superheroes, is actually a promotional intent. We are witnessing a preview of who is who, what they can do, and what is happening in Gotham. And this is good; it shows us that DC understood the power of prologue. The series, which increases the flame with each passing episode until the 6th episode, lays the foundation of the second season in the last 4 episodes. It seems that the real turmoil will take place in the second season.

The story is told through the eyes of Dick Grayson, although it moves through Rachel. In many episodes, we watch Dick’s problems with Batman, his inability to reconcile with himself, and even the wild traces of the maniac he turned into when he wore the Robin outfit. The fear on the faces of the people around him after every blood-filled show, especially Dawn and Hank’s face, shows the strength of Dick Greyson and how well he was designed. His transformation into Nightwing is also successfully conveyed in the first season. Among the other characters, Dick comes out as the most volatile and deepest character in our mix.

To sum it up… Titans can be said to be the most outstanding work DC has done in recent years, which has saddened us for years. I think Titans, in which the sought-after darkness holds its consistency well, the successful and non-scratching action is embellished with a successful story, will make all comic book/superhero lovers happy. The first season, which is an opening season, looks like it will explode in the second season. I can only recommend watching the series, even for Batman’s transition to the dark side in the final episode. The choice is yours.

Cast & Crew

creators: Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns

starring: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter, Teagan Croft, Curran Walters, Conor Leslie, Joshua Orpin, Minka Kelly, Iain Glen

USA | 2018 | 11 EPISODES |


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