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In 1848, two warships, HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, embarked on a journey into the Arctic waters of the Northwest Passage with dozens of crew members on board. Their aim was to find a path through the ice or to create one. They were aware of the historic significance of their mission. However, they never returned from this perilous journey into the freezing cold. What happened to them and where they went exactly remains a mystery that no one could ever uncover. The HMS Terror and HMS Erebus vanished without a trace in the Arctic regions they ventured into. The events, or possibilities, transformed into legends. The ships, which remained missing for 126 years, were discovered in 2014 by an Arctic exploration vessel. Strangely, the ship was untouched, preserved like a relic.

This legendary tale, circulating among people at the time, came to life in 2018 through an AMC production. Among the series’ producers is Max Borenstein, the author of legendary creatures in works like “Kong: Skull Island” and “Godzilla.” The series, scripted by Andres Fischer-Centeno, the writer of the mind-bending series “American Gods,” was conceived based on Dan Simmons’ novel, “The Terror.” The show immerses us in the hypothetical story of what might have happened during the potential loss that could have occurred in 1848. Embarking on the journey with the ships, we, too, become lost with them. The Terror is a tale of vanishing approached with a combination of fiction and legend, and from its screenplay to its acting, it stands as one of the most successful works of 2018.

HMS Terror and HMS Erebus set out on a journey they knew would be arduous. On the path they embarked upon for a significant discovery, they encountered unexpected challenges. Their ships became stuck in the ice, and they began to grapple with external threats that remained inexplicable. As the crew struggled against the threats from the outside, they were also confronted with the madness brought about by hunger and cold. With their chances of rescue dwindling to zero, they embarked on a search. This quest leads them toward a colossal danger, the true nature of which they have not yet grasped.

The series boasts strong actors, including Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies, and visually, it stands out as one of the finest works of the year. The series, which will penetrate your very core with its icy blue coldness, is a true success in terms of suspense. As the rise of madness within the ship, along with all the ensuing chaos, is viewed in close-up shots, the journey that begins with dignity spirals into savagery due to the effects of hunger and insanity. In the episodes, we not only witness the challenges within the ship but also the dangers outside. The series successfully blends these two elements. Although it initially seems like a series based on a supernatural being, it evolves into a gripping tale of tension both inside and outside, pushing the boundaries of madness.

However, let’s talk about the creature outside. This paragraph contains somewhat spoiler-like information for those who haven’t watched it. You can skip to the next paragraph… Creatures with a known existence but an unexplained name have always been a source of curiosity and have often enhanced the appeal of series or films. The relentless predator they portray is also a common element. The creature we occasionally witness hunting the crew outside the ship, and sometimes even on top of the ship, is called Tuunbaq. Our creature, which is a cross between a polar bear and a tiger, is entirely a creation derived from Dan Simmons. According to Inuit belief, Tuurngait is a spirit that can be both good and evil depending on the circumstances. It protects the Eskimos from external influences. Dan Simmons takes Tuurngait and creates Tuunbaq, a monster that is wild and fights against the Eskimos, completely transforming it into an evil entity opposed to white people. Tuunbaq dislikes the people who come to the white, uninhabited lands, and it makes them regret their decision. Unfortunately, the ships have ventured into its territory.

In conclusion, The Terror is a series that takes an actual mysterious event and adds a fictional possibility to it. It was one of the most stylish, chilling, and cold series of 2018. We witness the rise of madness in close-up shots, immense dangers within the cold, and the brutality of the extreme cold. The Terror is one of the few series I would recommend to those who are looking for a tightly-knit series from 2018. Cold has never been so frigid and perilous.

Cast & Crew

creator: David Kajganich, Max Borenstein, Alexander Woo

starring: Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Paul Ready, Adam Nagaitis

USA | 2018 | 10 EPISODES |


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