The Rings of Power – Seventh Episode Review

After the action-packed episodes, there are usually quiet episodes. They increase the tempo by one segment and slow it down. This is the classic structure of many series. The ninth episode of Game of Thrones was full of action, and in the end, it would make you watch a relatively slow episode. Rings of Power also filled us with action in the sixth episode. But in the next episode, instead of slowing down, it officially stopped. Episode seven may be the worst of the season. Almost nothing happened. The episode should have been a post-action filler or a separator, but it ended as it began. Every week the words in my articles are getting fewer and fewer. Since there is almost nothing to tell in this episode, I will briefly review it and close my article.






Fantasy Children’s Series for the Unknown

I said I liked the idea of ​​Mount Doom exploding last week, but the way it was handled was pretty ridiculous. What had already been done was clear, a realm would be plunged into darkness, as Morgoth had done, and the Orcs would be able to roam freely there without a veil. However, the producers have officially admitted where the level is here. The fact that the Southlands text was deleted and replaced by Mordor sounded precisely like an amateur. It has also been clearly stated that the target audience is not those who know this universe but those who do not know at all.

Heroes Don’t Die

Mount Doom exploded, the whole land was covered with ash, houses burned, and even horses caught fire, but let’s see that nothing happened to our heroes. Not even a hair of Galadriel, who was covered as a chitos, caught fire. Why? Because she’s an elf. You can laugh here.

For some reason, Miriel went blind. I think she got soot in her eye. Halbrand’s hurt, let’s give him credit. And Isildur’s friend died. Pardon. Someone is dead. If we count him as a hero, of course.

This sequence is entirely stale and inadequate. Nothing happened. Halbrand is injured. That’s an excuse to go to Lindon anyway. Five minutes ago, the man on his deathbed suddenly got up and rode off for Lindon. While making the series, they never really thought of the logic and the audience. Just do it and never question.

The Rings of Power

Love triangle

One of the biggest problems of the show was where was Celeborn? We learned that Galadriel needed to tell Theo for some reason. Turns out Celeborn went to war and never came back. Normally, Celeborn was with Galadriel for almost the entire second age, first in Lindon and then in Eregion.

As I understand it, the series will bring Celeborn at some point. My only hope is that Halbrand, Celeborn, and Galadriel don’t form a Turkish drama-like love triangle. I expect everything from these producers now.

Elrond, Come Back!

As I said before, the only decent part of the series is the dwarves and the Elrond story. However, they ruined it with Elrond, who said, “our charge is running out,” 2 episodes ago. We saw in this chapter that the mithril brought the dead leaf to itself. And below is a serious source of mithril in the protection of the Balrog. But while trying to extract this resource, they will encounter the Balrog, and it will happen what we all know.

As much as I love the dwarves and Elrond part, let’s not ignore the fact that this part is based on a colossal insult to the Tolkien universe. Elrond knelt before King Durin. Why? Because he needs mithril badly. Why? Because they are running out of battery.

Aule had created the dwarves, but he could not bring them to life because only Eru had the power to give life. When Eru learned of Aule’s secret children, Aule apologized and said he would destroy them. However, Eru did not allow this and gave life to their empty bodies. But he specifically stated, don’t forget, this world is the world of the Elves, that is, of my children. Everyone comes and goes, but the Elves are permanent.

Eru created this world for the Elves. Arda is literally there for them. And let’s see that this show has disgraced the Elven race, respectively, to humans, Numenoreans, and dwarves. The producers already expressly stated in their interviews. They wanted to show that the Elves are not as pure as they seem. The following statement and the events in the series prove that this series is deliberate defamation, as I have stated in every article.

The Rings of Power

Let’s Continue Our Notes

I wrote last week. Producers and screenwriters sat down and noted the best parts of their material. The whole series is based on copies of successful and memorable moments from Peter Jackson’s movies. Galadriel and Theo hiding from the orcs was literally a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. Even the sniffing part is the same. The funny thing was that Galadriel could have gone out there and killed them all. But why didn’t she? Because as I mentioned before, the series wants to show something and says don’t question the reason.

The fact that they walked the road where the Numenoran army was galloping, etc., these are all the product of their “I did it” mind. They wanted to see the Numenorian horsemen galloping in the last episode. But they never felt the need to calculate the distance between them. Because they are stupid enough to believe that the audience won’t question them.

Witches of Macbeth

Finally, we learned that the witches of Macbeth are malevolent beings. They’re going to do something with the Meteor Man, but that’s unknown. The Harfoot and Meteor Man part could not go beyond copy and paste for seven episodes. In every episode, evil is born when Meteor Man thinks he’s doing good. Or vice versa. 7 hours passed, and the Harfoot part was almost going nowhere.

Bottom line… Nothing happened in this episode. It was empty as producers. There is the finale next week, and as I repeat every week, it is still not clear what the subject of this series is.

The Rings of Power


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