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In my article last week, I said that I had been waiting for this show for a long time and had been preparing for a few months. I got past the fact that they made a series where my effort cannot be used, and I had a little nervous breakdown in my last article due to the disrespect towards the universe itself. But I poured out all my anger. As I said, this series does not deserve to be written at length. This is the project of 2 malevolent men who are trying to disgrace a legend in order to end their careers. A few years from now, everyone involved in the project will admit that they regret it. We’ve seen them before. So that’s why I’ll keep it as short as possible, match what I see, and will close the article after little criticism.



Refugee Problem

We know that Numenor has a grudge against the Elves. They also said that this grudge goes back to Elros. Tar-Palantir, Miriel’s father, wanted to improve relations with the Elves, but this was thwarted. They turned Miriel into Tar-Ancalime, the first ruling queen of Numenor, who lived in her time. Tar-Ancalime, too, had cut off the close ties with the Elves for her people and cut off aid to Gil-Galad. This is precisely why Miriel does not want to listen to Galadriel despite her insistence. Though, anyone in Miriel’s place would not have taken Galadriel seriously. Galadriel’s teenage attitudes still continue. But I have little hope.

When Galadriel went wrong with Miriel, Miriel had her imprisoned. When she came to the cell, Halbrand’s “First time?” look made me laugh. It seems that an ordinary 40-year-old man will tell what to do to a thousand-year-old Galadriel. Let it be. There was a change of tone in Galadriel after Halbrand said, “Babe, chill out a bit.” We witnessed this change of tone in her second meeting with Miriel. If we ignore Galadriel single-handedly beating 4 soldiers or climbing the tower, yeah, that’s fine.

Miriel showed Galadriel the Palantir and said the others were missing. They can tie it up with Elendil in the future. When Galadriel touched the Palantir, she saw the vision Miriel had had at the beginning of the episode. We all know that at the end of the story, Numenor will be submerged. Despite being innocent, Miriel will be submerged as she flees toward the heights of Meneltarma. This is where Galadriel’s tonal change comes in. Maybe she understood after this episode that she needs to stay calm. I still ignore her escape from prison, yes. The only good thing about this part, for the lore and future, in my opinion, is that we might have seen Narsil or a similar sword in the back.

Despite everything, Galadriel could not persuade Miriel. The streets are already messy. Miriel can’t help an Elf while the Numenorean’s screaming around like, “Elves will throw us out and will take our jobs.” They refugee sauced the Numenor, which is funny. But it was Nimloth’s fallen leaves that changed her mind. Miriel is a firm believer in the Valar. While trying to banish the elf and save Numenor’s future, she realizes that when she is gone, the omens have begun.

For this reason, at the end of the episode, Galadriel reappeared again. It seems that she will go to middle earth with Numenoreans. This episode with refugee sauce actually worked for Pharazon. It turned out, future president Trump won hearts by saying that “we will build a wall around Numenor.” But 10 minutes later, everyone who shouted for him lined up to go to middle earth. The Numenoreans seem to be easy to convince. The cocktail girls that emerged right after Pharazon’s impromptu public address made me laugh. They were already waiting. Even that is a good reason not to take the show seriously.

The Rings of Power

Father and His Children

We finally met with Adar. But who Adar will be is as ambivalent as the meteor man right now. Our conversation changes depending on which river Adar means. Adar could be an Elf even older than Galadriel if he speaks of the rivers around the lake where the Elves were born. Probably an Avari who didn’t go to Valinor. That’s why he might be angry. Combining being called father and anger, it seems to me that he may be the “orc architect” of the evil side. If that is the case, I think it would be great. But if he was talking about the river Sirion, which makes sense because Finrod, Galadriel’s brother, was killed at Minas Tirith on the river Sirion. In any case, it is clear that he is a fatherly and forgiving person. He freed Arondir to spread the word. This part makes perfect sense. There are names in the universe that are released for this reason. But none of these people were chased by orcs. Arondir released to take the news, but somehow the whole world fell after him. Not cool, though.

Arondir is, of course, a classy elf. He can catch arrows in the air. How cool is that, right? But I don’t want to jump into slow-motion scenes with Theo because I know we won’t be able to get out. Arondir finally reached Bronwyn and her people and said to them, Adar is coming. I don’t understand this part, though. Is the Southlands just Bronwyn and a few villagers now?

On the other hand, the people of Bronwyn weren’t very smart, right? With her warning, they fled to the place they called the tower, but what did they not take with them? Food. What the hell? Theo and his mangy friend have returned to the town they had fled. Here we watched a little corner snatch between Theo and the orcs. The funny part is that the orc, who heard Theo, who made a noise when the bucket hit his head, did not hear the boy who came out of the water 15 seconds later. The whole point of this episode was to show us the sword and make Arondir a hero at the last moment, just like in the crappy blockbuster movies. At the same time, we now know Adar is looking for the sword. But we don’t know why yet.

The Rings of Power

The Khazad-Dum Adventures of Elrond

When the chapter of Elrond began, we saw that the tower Celebrimbor wanted was already half finished. I don’t get into the time concept of the show, either. Galadriel has been in Numenor for a week most, but according to her screenwriters, weeks have passed. Anyway, we learn that Durin is gone. Out of curiosity, Elrond marches back to Khazad-Dum. Of course, he’s walking again. Because there are no horses in the Great Middle-earth.

Celebrimbor spoke of Elrond’s father, Earendil. They also said that Earendil went to the Valar. Let me tell you a little about this part because I worked very hard for this show. Elrond and the Elros are the children of the half-elf Earendil and Elwing. Elwing had thrown himself into the abyss as she fled from the children of Feanor with the Silmaril in her hand, but Vala Ulmo came to the rescue and turned her into a bird. Elwing landed the ship of Earendil, who was there at the time. Earendil and Elwing later set out for Valinor at the risk of their lives, but Valar accepted them. They told them what happened there in the Middle Earth. Hearing these, the Valar gathered the armies and set off for the War of Wrath, which we saw at the series’s opening.

Elrond and Durin’s episode is currently progressing as a side story. Elrond comes to Disa and asks her where her husband is, but we understand that Disa is lying for her husband. In this episode, we see the Dragon Helm of Dorloman, another work of Telkar, who made Narsil. Then Elrond is rudely involved in Disa and Durin’s conversation, using his elven ears, another weapon after elven eyes. He realizes that Durin is digging in old mines. Then he goes there too.

As far as I understand, there is no “stop where are you going” logic in Arda. Elendil can enter the high council of Numenor, Elrond is wandering around Khazad-Dum. If this logic was in a Peter Jackson movie, everyone would come and look at the ring while the meeting was held in Rivendell. Even the meddling Hobbits waited until the end of the session to get involved. Anyways…

We understand that Durin and the dwarves have found Mithril. I told you before, ages are already messed up. For this reason, they have included the Balrog story, which the dwarves found by digging like crazy because of the rings. But there are no rings, and they are already found Mithril. The Balrog scene we see in the trailer may even be the final scene of the season.

Then Durin says goodbye to his father, who I think will die this season, and sets off for Lindon with Elrond. But why they came out is a complete mystery.

The Rings of Power

What’s the issue?

Half of the first season is over. And we still haven’t figured out exactly what the issue is. The screenwriters use the basics of the original story and expect all of us to be nervous as we know of Sauron’s existence. However, they broke the series from the original so much that we have already lost this feeling. That’s why I don’t understand why Galadriel or Elrond is so on edge. Besides a burnt-face-dark elf and a few orcs, middle-earth is fine, but Numenor is coming with an army. With their horses. You got that.

As I said in my last article, we are now far away from the talk of black elves and sticking to the book. If you changed the name of this series and put it on the air, it would have a maximum score of 3-4 on IMDB tomorrow. The series contains severe logical errors, both in terms of fiction and story. Worse still, they are making very cheap and amateur moves. For example, House of the Dragon chooses almost everything it shows in the frame. Each displayed object or character will appear again in the future. We know because of its story. And they are superb at foreshadowing.

On the other hand, we don’t even understand what’s going on in The Rings of Power yet. Unfortunately, a 100-year-old legend is disgraced in the hands of 2 amateur but very confident producers. We are still watching for the love of middle earth. But if this series continues with such logical errors and childish decisions, it won’t see its second season. While House of the Dragon is getting the second season’s approval from the first episode, The Rings of Power front is very quiet. Unfortunately, the series won’t be good when you praise the series with the accounts you bought on Twitter.


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