The Rings of Power – Fifth Episode Review

As I repeat every week, The Rings of Power is not a series to be written about at length. Aside from the fact that it has nothing to do with Tolkien, the series is so dull that it doesn’t give anything to talk about to the fullest. Unfortunately, we understood where the episodes, mainly consisting of fill-in scenes, were going as of the fifth episode. Sadly, the whole season is based on rescuing Bronwyn’s villagers, who are trapped in the tower. It saddens me immensely to see that the series goes into the depths of Moria in each episode, but there is nothing we can do. It’s happened.




Learning How to Talk

The meteor man, whom some of us think is Gandalf and some of us Sauron, has apparently learned how to talk. The Harfoots taught him to talk. But if there’s one thing he hasn’t learned, it’s to use his powers. Meteor Man showed us the effect of his power by throwing a very successful field skill against three wolves coming towards him. After doing that, he injured himself.

While trying to heal his injured arm in the water, he can’t control his powers again and starts to turn the water into ice. Our little girl, who was with him then, prefers to touch the icy wrist instead of touching his shoulder and feels the magic effect. Then, despite everything she’s seen, she’s scared and runs away. Why? Because for the first time, the tip of the needle touched her and damaged her.

Maybe we’ll find out who the meteor guy will be this season, but this episode won’t be tied anywhere for now.


Arriving in Numenor in the second chapter, Galadriel finally convinced the Numenoreans and set off for Middle-earth with three ships, yes, you heard, three ships full of youths they had gathered from the street. It seems that the boats that set out from Numenor will go to Arondir and Bronwyn, who will burn the beacon. In the next episode, we will probably see war – eventually.

The most ridiculous part of the Numenor episodes is that there is nothing to support the “dark is coming” anxiety created. It really doesn’t make sense for Adar and the 30 orcs with him to cause such tension. But let’s say we got the bite. While there are producers who fit 300 people in small ships, we should not worry about them either.

The Rings of Power

The only good thing about the Numenor sequence is that we finally learned about Pharazon’s intentions. Pharazon has made a plan that moves towards the issue I complained about in the second episode. Normally, Numenor should have already enslaved many parts of Middle-earth, making its imperial power felt by everyone. The series pushed this part forward. I think they left Pharazon’s taking the throne and Numenor’s trouble to Middle-earth until later seasons.

The cringe part of this episode was Galadriel’s street fight. I got past the great Numenor’s sending of children to war; it was really ridiculous that they were doing the training in the market street.

Finally, I must add that we will never see Elendil’s son, Anarion. Along with Isildur, the sister added by the screenwriters will take the series one way or another. I don’t understand the girl’s exact purpose yet, but it’s like they want to split the family and cause a conflict between believing and not believing in Elves.

I Am With You Whoever You Are

Bronwyn’s silly people, who had forgotten their food and fled, were torn in two by Bronwyn’s mind-blowing balcony speech. Although Bronwyn told them to stand behind and fight, half of the people thought just as we do and said, “Who the heck are you” and chose to side with whoever came to their door rather than standing behind her.

Waldreg, the butcher we’ve known since the first episode, gathered the people, and they left the tower. According to Waldreg, it was Sauron who had come. This was a matter of curiosity for us as well. Is Adar Sauron? We got the answer in this episode. Although Adar is not Sauron, he apparently doesn’t like Sauron very much either. In my last article, I said that there is a possibility that Adar is one of the first Elves. It looks like we’re headed there. The origin of Adar seems to go back much further. He may be the first breeder of the orcs. Although it still makes the most sense to me, he may have been one of the first Elves to be awakened and abducted around the lake CuiviĆ©nen.

The last thing that stands out in this episode is the possibility that Theo’s sword could act as a key. What precisely this key will open is currently unknown. The sword could perhaps be an orc transforming tool. Maybe then the scarcity of orcs can be logically explained. Whatever this sword is, we’re sure to find out this season.

You Dying What?

The least skunk-free episode of the series was the episodes of Durin and Elrond. Because they were cute. But this part also managed to reach the absurdity of the others. Whoever came up with the “made-up” story between Gil-Galad and Elrond went crazy trying to create something suitable for the universe. The biggest problem with the show is that it’s very American and contemporary. The facts explained in this episode are so funny that I had to stop and laugh while watching the show.

First, we learned why Mithril was important. Turns out, an Elf, who was protecting a tree with a Silmaril in it from the Balrog, was struck by lightning while fighting with the Balrog, and the light of the Silmaril descended to the cracks of Moria and turned into Mithril. It’s utter nonsense. What is the Silmaril doing in the tree? Why is the Balrog chasing the Silmaril? What happened to the Silmaril when lightning struck?

The Rings of Power

Gil-galad wants Mithril because it turns out the Elves are dying. Their light is dwindling, and they will eventually turn into shadows. Congratulations to whoever actually came up with this idea. There should be a medal for nonsense. The show does everything it can to humiliate the elves, who are immortal. So what did I say? This series is a disgrace concocted to damage the Tolkien legend. In this episode, they put the strawberry on the cake with their nonsense.

Now the question is, what will they do with Mithril so that the Elves will live longer? Durin will now go and tell his father about the situation. What will be his father’s reaction? The next episode is a matter of curiosity.


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