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I have always loved Spanish films. These fast-talking people create truly remarkable thrillers and horror films. Fragile, The Orphanage, The Body, Rec, Emergo, and many more… They are all beautiful, suspenseful, and creative films. The Spanish know what they are doing; they manage to find interesting subjects and portray them on the screen without confusing the idea. When I heard that a Spanish thriller film was coming out, I immediately jumped on it. Director Hèctor Hernández Vicens’ first feature-length work is based on a rather twisted story. The director, who chose the story well, has produced a successful film by shooting it cleanly. Although it may seem a bit subdued compared to other Spanish films, it has still turned out to be a successful film, in my opinion. It will captivate and even shake the audience.

Famous actress Anna Fritz has died and been taken to the morgue. Even as a dead body, her cold corpse continues to attract attention. So much so that Pau, who works at the morgue, cannot wait for his friends Ivan and Javi to see the famous actress. Pau manages to secretly get his friends into Anna Fritz’s presence, no matter what it takes. The film begins here. Ivan, who is affected by Anna Fritz’s dead body, wants to engage in a sexual act with her, even though she is dead. Although there is a slight disagreement among the three friends, Ivan’s assertiveness prevails, and morality disappears at that moment. Ivan has no qualms about necrophilia.

The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Following Ivan, Pau also succumbs to the influence of Anna Fritz’s dead body, saying, “What’s the harm?” The screenplay pushes the boundaries of morality to the fullest, and as the minutes progress, it spirals downhill, ending with a great chasm. Although not excessively impactful, the film successfully reflects its story and the impact of its characters on the audience. You can become enraged at Ivan and go crazy with every decision Pau makes. Although the character design may not be perfect, I think the story is good enough to captivate the audience as it unfolds. The situation’s complexity and the sense of being trapped also affect the viewer.

Despite being a villainous character, Ivan is honest, not like Pau. Ivan is a bad person and always has been. However, Pau’s actions, so to speak, are despicable. He can say one thing and do another. He is a troublemaker and the sole cause of what unfolds. Although he ultimately makes a seemingly innocent gesture before dying, his death is more impactful than Ivan’s. The audience will likely feel relieved due to the demise of this slippery individual.

The director has done a commendable job with his first feature-length attempt. He avoids excessive action and skillfully balances stationary and handheld shots. He does not interfere too much with the essence of the film, allowing the story to flow. I cannot claim that the acting is magnificent. Particularly, Javi, who plays the good character, is the weakest character in the film. Ivan and Pau, especially Pau, deliver strong performances. Alba Ribas, portraying Anna Fritz, has indeed done a fantastic job. She handles a challenging role with great skill.

The Corpse of Anna Fritz

The Corpse of Anna Fritz can elicit disgust from viewers. Necrophilia is not something to be normalized. Moreover, it is disturbing to see a mentality in the movie that desires to rape a famous woman, dead or alive, without distinction. But that’s the point of the subject matter: Perversion. Perversion brings about great trouble for them. After perversion, they try to escape the situation with brutality, as they don’t want their deeds to be uncovered. It’s like thinking, “It’s fine as long as nobody finds out.”

As a Spanish film, The Corpse of Anna Fritz presents an exciting subject and is definitely a film I want to recommend due to its proper handling of the topic. Having watched many Spanish movies, I wasn’t overly affected, but this subject matter will likely disturb you. Well, if it disturbs you, it means the film has succeeded. The important thing is to be able to convey emotion. Anna Fritz’s claustrophobic story might shake you. When empathy is established, you will realize how terrifying the events are, more so than being simply repulsive from an outsider’s perspective. For the person experiencing it, The Corpse of Anna Fritz becomes a true horror film.

Cast & Crew

director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens

writers: Isaac P. Creus, Hèctor Hernández Vicens

starring: Alba Ribas, Cristian Valencia, Albert Carbó, Bernat Saumell

SPAIN | 2015 | 76 MINUTES |


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