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We watched many superhero series on the small screen this year. Titans, Doom Patrol, Umbrella Academy, and those already going on. Titans and Doom Patrol were really great works. At least they managed to reflect that realistic and dark atmosphere we expect from the DC universe. However, The Boys is at a point far beyond this series. Perhaps too successful to not forget for many years, it is visionary enough to set an example for his counterparts in conveying the truth of society. As far as I’ve read, The Boys got full marks from both critics and viewers. So the way of the mind is one. We’ve all been looking for a superhero project like this.

Let’s briefly touch on the subject… There are really superheroes in the world. These superheroes are registered members of a company called Vought and provide security services on behalf of the company. Consisting of a team of 7 called The Seven, Vought appears if there is a theft or terrorist situation, resolves the problem, and garners all the applauses. The story begins when superhero A-Train kills an innocent woman, and one of the superheroes retires and is replaced by a new and less corrupt one.

First, the series’ name is not from the superheroes but from the team that has sworn to stop them. After A-Train kills an innocent woman, this woman’s lover officially declares war against the superheroes, although he does not dare to take revenge alone. So he gets help from The Boys. So why? This is the point that makes the series beautiful. If superheroes really lived, would they be good people? Or would they be like us? Most likely not. They see us as insects. Since the superheroes will be human in essence, they will degenerate with the effect of power and will do what they want. Now let’s repeat the question: Why should someone or someone who has such power really love you?

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Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson have created a universe where superheroes are as powerful as they are described but not as good as they are known. Superheroes are all corrupt lie detectors who live for money and act for fame. With the company’s exceptional marketing, the team is promoted as the best people in the world. Most of the work they do, or rescue operations, is set up as a workbench. And after every rescue, the media flatters them as saviors. Essentially, they are all worse than each other; they are evil, troubled, and perverted. But people don’t know this because no one can see their real faces except themselves. The public recognizes them in the way the media portrays them. It is also impossible to overthrow the superheroes, the brand faces of almost every product in America. So the Boys, is a team that has set out to achieve this impossible. For the first season, they partially achieved what they wanted.

What makes the series so successful is his incredibly realistic approach to superheroes and his thriving scenes of violence. While visiting the strange world of superheroes in the first episodes, we see that almost everything we watch towards the final episodes is fake, and even the word superhero can be hollowed out. Maybe the biggest shortcoming of the series is the action scenes, which I think most of them kept for the second season. The first season is heavily focused on politics, crime, and background fraud. But let me not criticize too much. The limited action scenes were also really successful.

After the cute, loving, and protective superheroes that Marvel and DC accustomed to us, The Boys officially came as medicine, purifying us from fake reality. I really liked the show because if superheroes existed, they would definitely be like in this show. I do like all other series criticized in this article. They are good too. But The Boys will make you wake up from the fake truth and throw a solid punch in your face.

Cast & Crew

creator: Eric Kripke

starring: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Colby Minifie

USA | 2019 | 8 EPISODES |


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