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Shaman King was one of the longest-running adventures shown during the Jetix era. During a time when we didn’t know what anime meant, Shaman King was another anime we watched after Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade, and Yu-Gi-Oh. The most significant aspect of the anime for me was that all of its episodes aired in the country I was living in. Even our beloved Pokemon and Digimon couldn’t be shown with all their episodes in the country where I lived. Among the ones I mentioned, only Beyblade managed to be shown with all its episodes due to its economic success. However, despite not having any economic contribution, Shaman King was aired with all its episodes, and I can say that I was very fortunate for that. Because, in my opinion, Shaman King is one of the best anime series ever made.

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Let’s briefly touch upon the plot… A Shaman is a person who connects the spirit world and our world. In the anime, fighters form partnerships with spirits, become one with them, and fight together. Our main character, Yoh Asakura, is a carefree individual who has written the book on nonchalant and never gets bothered by anything. He possesses the spirit of a samurai named Amidamaru, whom he meets and bonds with later. Yoh, who doesn’t have big dreams, reluctantly prepares for the Shaman tournament under the pressure of his girlfriend, Anna. According to legend, the champion will be entrusted with the task of protecting the world. The long tournament journey of Yoh Asakura and his team becomes a truly enjoyable adventure.

The anime is based on Hiroyuki Takei’s manga, which was published in 1998. The manga consists of 32 volumes, and the anime was produced following the manga’s success. The anime aired in Japan between 2001 and 2005, totaling 78 episodes. One of the best things about Jetix was that when any animated series reached its finale, it would start again the following week. Shaman King went through a few cycles within Jetix. In fact, I missed its finale twice, so I skipped my last theater rehearsal to attend the final episode. I must admit, it was worth it.

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Animes are loved for their action-packed nature. They push the boundaries of imagination with the advantage of being animated. Shaman King is one of the anime series that excels in the action genre. Each episode showcases magnificent fights. The anime also features compelling characters alongside Yoh: Horohoro, Ryu, Tao Ren, and Anna. The diversity within Yoh’s team and the fact that they are all contrasting individuals add to the enjoyable details of the anime. However, the best aspect of the anime is undoubtedly its villains, or one could say “boss” characters. The choice of villains is highly creative, and their visual designs and action sequences are successful.

In terms of storytelling, Shaman King undoubtedly progresses more cohesively compared to many other anime series. The anime manages to intricately weave different tournaments, stories, and struggles into its 64 episodes, smoothly leading to the finale without any interruptions. Throughout this process, the main character, Yoh, is not excessively glorified but is skillfully shaped through occasional defeats. One should also appreciate him for going through all these battles just to marry Anna. What a love, indeed…

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In summary, Shaman King is one of the best anime series ever made. It didn’t overstay its welcome; it ended on a satisfying note. The fantastic intro music still echoes in my ears. I can say that Shaman King satisfied a part of my curiosity for action. The battle scenes in the anime were so well-executed and visually stunning that it was impossible not to be captivated. When I learned that Shaman King would return on Netflix in 2021, it brought me great joy. That is actually the reason why I wrote this piece. I wanted to praise the anime based on what I remembered before starting to watch it. Considering that I have praised and informed enough, I will now conclude the topic.


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