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Prey, the second feature film of Dan Trachtenberg, who entered our lives with his short film Portal, brought back one of the iconic monsters of cinema, the Predator. One of the veil’s most extraordinary creatures, Yautja returns for new challenges, this time descending into an era where firepower has yet to overcome wrist strength. 10 Cloverfield Lane was produced by Abrams, which was the director’s first feature-length couldn’t find the chance to show itself because of its slow-pace nature. So we can’t claim that the film has been very successful. But Prey is a pretty successful job that guarantees we’ll see the director more often from now on.

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Let’s briefly touch on the subject… The year 1715, the Indians live in peace on their land, proving their maturity by hunting. The one who brings the biggest Prey, kühtaamia, leads the tribe. Naru thinks she can hunt despite her young age. She really believes that she can pass the kühtaamia exam. Being excluded because she is a woman hurts her pride. But fate works mysteriously. Kühtaamia, the biggest test she can face, comes to her feet. A wild Yautja, perhaps for the first time, is looking for his own kühtaamia like Naru. Searching for the strongest opponent he can face. But Yautja runs into trouble he never anticipated.

I have to say that I love the idea of ​​hunted while hunting, which is the basis of the movie. While the Comanches think they are the strongest in the forest, they encounter a creature that can wave his hand and cut them in half. What makes the subject beautiful is the ignorant courage of the human being in the face of Yautja. People who fight fearlessly against this creature they have never encountered before, whether Indian or French, find their end by being cut in half. People who see themselves as the most dangerous hunter turn into ordinary rivals in the face of Yautja. Here is where Naru differs from the others. If you cannot defeat your opponent physically, use your intelligence.

The feature that distinguishes Prey from many Predator films we have watched so far is its visuality. Although the first Predator, made in 87, has a very special visual, Prey raises the bar to the level of the feast. And this is the main reason why we will see more of Dan Trachtenberg in the future. I have to say that action scenes are not much different from the others. In this regard, the film does not have anything special from its previous examples. A classic Predator movie that hunts the weak little humans. Only this time, the idea is combined with the visual and becomes a delightful movie to watch.

The movie turned into Hulu’s most successful film to date. It should be said that the hype on social media also has a serious effect. Although I do not have the same feelings for the film, which some call a masterpiece, it is clear that the film is definitely an exceptional job. The film, which manages to give the tension it wants to make us feel, has no problem delivering what it promises. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that it is a successful film in its essence. At the same time, it was good for the cinema that a character brought to the screen “again” after a long time made such a sound.

To sum it up… Prey is a visually successful film in which director Dan Trachtenberg has the opportunity to prove himself. I think it does justice to its theme in terms of story, but is not much different from the others in terms of content. For example, after 1987 made film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, we saw for the first time that a remake made such a sound. I want to devote my last words to Amber Midthunder. One of the main reasons for the movie’s success is definitely Amber and her fantastic acting. The way she uses facial expressions ignites the movie’s tension, allowing us to enjoy the story more. If she can make the right choices like Prey, we can safely say that we have earned another star.

Cast & Crew

director: Dan Trachtenberg

writers: Patrick Aison (written by), Dan Trachtenberg (story by), Jim Thomas-John Thomas (based on characters by)

starring: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro

USA | 2022 | 99 MINUTES |


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