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In the year 2005, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, hit theaters. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film performed remarkably well at the box office worldwide. Audiences flocked to the cinemas primarily due to the unprecedented pairing of the era’s two central stars. Following the film’s release, the duo inadvertently sparked a massive media frenzy by consolidating their personal lives. Rumors circulated suggesting that their on-screen chemistry transcended into reality. For years thereafter, the public closely followed the lives of this iconic pair through various media outlets. Little did anyone anticipate that the couple, initially depicted as attempting to kill each other in the film, would almost mirror their on-screen personas years later.

Amazon’s latest series, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” has made a promising debut in 2024. In a year poised to deliver a plethora of captivating series, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” stands out like a winning lottery ticket. Created by Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane, the series is a masterful blend of coherent storytelling, adrenaline-pumping action, and enjoyable explorations of relationships.

Let’s briefly delve into the plot… John Smith (Donald Glover) and Jane Smith (Maya Erskine), both operatives by profession, begin cohabiting under the guise of marriage as per their agency’s directives. Tasked with carrying out missions together, the duo embarks on the fantasy of living the life of secret agents they had always dreamed of. However, as their professional relationship gradually gives way to genuine marital bonds, cracks begin to form in their once-ideal partnership. Their action-packed love story, initially a source of delight, evolves into a tale fraught with internal conflicts. As failures mount, so does the threat of elimination.

In contrast to the 2005 film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” the series adopts a more transparent approach from the outset. While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s characters remained oblivious to each other’s true identities as agents, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine’s characters are fully aware of their partnership and objectives right from the start. Throughout the series, they find themselves compelled to collaborate, guided by the agency’s premise of pairing the most compatible individuals to operate as a married couple, carrying out espionage missions at a predetermined level of proficiency.

Since the series lays its cards on the table from the outset, there are no lingering mysteries to be uncovered later on. Essentially, the series endeavors to delve even deeper into what the 2005 film attempted to focus on: relationships. Although the agents may start off as strangers when paired together, over time and through getting to know one another, a budding romance ensues. While the fundamental theme of the series revolves around the love life between two agents, the inclusion of missions injected into the narrative adds excitement to the story. Initially, the duo, both strangers and solely focused on their tasks, gradually transition into undertaking missions as a couple.

The series boasts richness in both action and character development. Throughout its eight episodes, numerous action sequences are interspersed with marital squabbles, adding depth and entertainment to the storyline. Furthermore, the series enhances its rich action with the inclusion of influential figures like Paul Dano, Ron Perlman, John Turturro, and Sarah Paulson. The series’ unapologetic approach to character expenditure similarly contributes to the enjoyment of the narrative.

The outcome of the series’ finale is hinted at from its very first moments. Introduced by Alexander Skarsgård and Eiza González, the series signals that we will encounter the inevitable conclusion familiar from 2005. The progression towards the familiar finale is skillfully executed, with the harmony and energy between Donald Glover and Maya Erskine palpable from the outset. Surprisingly, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” never falters in any of its episodes, maintaining momentum without faltering thanks to the strong presence of its characters.

In essence, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” narrates the tale of two strangers aspiring to become agents, whose journey gradually transforms into a love story filled with action. With its fearless approach to bullets and the infusion of rich guest appearances, the series adds vibrancy to its narrative. While we may know what to expect in the finale, the series manages to throw a slight curveball, leaving room for speculation about a potential second season. Thanks to the magnificent chemistry between the leads, the series is a joy to watch from start to finish, asserting its presence in a year marked by the abundance of rich and grandiose series.

Cast & Crew

creator: Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane

starring: Donald Glover, Maya Erskine, Paul Dano, Ron Perlman, John Turturro, and Sarah Paulson

USA | 2024 | 8 EPISODES |


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