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The Marvel universe continues to grow. We met many new characters, especially in 2022, and we continue to meet them. After Kamala, SheHulk, and America Chavez, it was Moon Knight’s turn. Moon Knight, portrayed by Oscar Isaac, is a bit of a departure from other Marvel stories. Interestingly, even though it takes place in the same universe, it doesn’t make any connections with other stories. If we consider the series as a solo Marvel project, we can easily say that it is a project that is not bad in itself but has problems, mainly due to editing issues.

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Let’s briefly touch on the subject… Steven finds himself in a different place every time after his memory loss. But over time, he learns the truth behind these amnesias. Steven, who actually has a second personality, is an assassin who goes hunting at night. Even more, he is unwittingly the bearer of an Egyptian god. His alter-ego, Mark, got into serious trouble, hand in hand with the Egyptian God Khonshu. The only way to get out of this trouble is for the 3 of them to join hands now.

Oscar Isaac is a phenomenal actor. Considering that he played two different characters simultaneously, he did a great job. The emotional change between the characters is worthy of his name and quality. He manages to separate two different characters and keeps them alive. But although the series is his story, it must be said that May Calamawy stole the show. May creates a strong personality for herself throughout the series. It’s because she has a female figure who does not need a man to save her at the end of the day. Even I am sure that she stole the hearts of many with the image of a strong woman that men need to save their asses. But let’s come to the most exciting part of the series. The name that makes the series more interesting than Oscar Isaac is Ethan Hawke, with his sane villain character. If he had portrayed his character in another project, I’m sure we would be talking about him more. I think Ethan Hawke lost his all applause because Moon Knight is a relatively weak drama.

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Moon Knight, which is a part of Phase 4, is, unfortunately, the weakest link in the new stage of Marvel, together with What If. What If failed because of mistakes in story choices. At least for me. But Moon Knight failed because of not keeping up with the changing Marvel tone. While the new Marvel projects are getting more and more pessimistic and dark, Moon Knight’s endless deluge of humor in every episode is the most significant disadvantage of the series. As far as I can see, Marvel, which I think has left the unnecessary jokes behind, has kept every joke that it did not make in other projects for Moon Knight.

I have to say that Moon Knight is an unstable project. The series does a pretty good job when it comes to the emotional conflict between Steven and Mark. Unfortunately, it turns into a crappy project when it comes to crowded actions. Especially the editorial complexity in the third and final episodes, the complex transitions in the fast flow damage the quality of the series. The more successful the episode in which Steven and Mark confronted their past, the more unsuccessful the finale was. Considering that the finals are bindings for the series, Moon Knight, unfortunately, did not do an excellent job in conclusion. It even creates the impression that the 5th and 6th episodes were edited by someone else.

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To sum it up… Moon Knight is a series that makes you watch it with its acting but loses interest in its story. Editorial confusion in the action scenes, unfortunately, weakens the series. However, the series does an excellent job in its dramatic moments, especially with the effect of its actors. Episode five was genuinely remarkable. I’m sure the audience loved the confrontation between Mark and Steven. But I don’t think they can say the same about the “end of the world” story. I don’t believe Moon Knight will see a second season as it is not a good project altogether. But, of course, these things are not clear. With the influence of Oscar Isaac, the effect of the series on social media was quite large. Will they manage to keep it up? We’ll see.

Cast & Crew

creator: Doug Moench

writers: Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

starring: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy

USA | 2022 | 6 EPISODES |


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