Legendarium’ First Age Part 5: The War of Wrath, End of the First Age

In the years following the fall of Gondolin, Tuor, and Idril set sail for Belegaer, never to return. However, their son Earendil remains in Middle-earth. Residing in Arvernien, Earendil is married to Elwing, whom he encountered while escaping from Feanor’s son during the attack on Doriath. Together, they have two sons named Elrond and Elros. When Feanor’s sons assaulted the Mouths of Sirion, Emroth, and Amras died, leaving only two of them alive. Intent on seizing Silmaril in Doriath, Feanor’s sons relentlessly pursued Elwing. Cornered near the edge of a cliff while evading them, Elwing chooses to throw herself off the precipice rather than handing over Silmaril. As she plummets, Vala Ulmo suddenly appears with all his power and comes to her rescue. Transforming her into a bird, Ulmo assists Elwing in escaping safely. In her avian form, Elwing spots Earendil’s ship passing by and lands on its deck, thus beginning a new love story between Elwing and Earendil.

Following the events that unfolded, Elwing and Earendil decide to set sail for Valinor to report the events of Middle-earth. Doubtful of whether their journey would be successful or if they would be accepted upon arrival, they nonetheless embark on the perilous voyage, even risking their lives. Upon reaching Valinor unharmed, Elwing and Earendil are granted an audience with Valar. As they begin recounting their experiences, Manwe is astonished by what he hears. He quickly rouses the Valar and mobilizes their armies, preparing to journey to Middle-earth to confront Morgoth and stop him forever.

Together, the Valar, Maiar, and the remaining Noldor armies launch an attack on Morgoth and his dark forces. After a grueling 40-year-long war, Morgoth finds himself on the brink of defeat. As a last resort, he unleashes his newly empowered winged Dragons. However, at that moment, Earendil appears in his flying ship Vingilot, followed by a host of eagles. The swooping eagles engage the Dragons, resulting in the death of many, especially the mightiest of them all, Ancalagon. With the winged Dragons defeated, Morgoth’s defenses crumble, and the power of the victorious light seizes him, carrying him back to Aman. This time, Valar does not make the mistake of imprisoning him. Instead, Morgoth’s beheaded spirit is cast into the void, and guards are stationed at the gates to prevent his return. Legend has it that Morgoth will somehow break through the gates of the night and return, initiating the final battle of the universe, Dagor Dagorath.

After the war’s conclusion, the Maia Eönwe, who had obtained the two Silmarils from Morgoth, is attacked by Feanor’s sons, Maedhros and Maglor. The brothers, who had fought for years to achieve their goals, come to the realization that possessing the Silmarils does not bring them happiness. Maedhros throws himself, along with Silmaril, into the fire, while Maglor casts his Silmaril into the sea, spending his life singing in the forests. No one ever sees Maglor again.

Following the War of Wrath, Middle-earth once again suffers great damage, with all of Beleriand submerged under water. As a result, the Valar extend an invitation to the remaining Elves in Middle-earth to return to Aman. However, some Elves choose not to return despite everything. Gil-Galad, Celeborn, Galadriel, Elrond, and Oropher prefer to remain in Middle-earth. Additionally, the Valar reward the humans who joined in the last battle by creating an island in the middle of the sea called Numenor for them. Many humans leave Middle-earth and settle in Numenor. The first king of Numenor is Elros, who is half-Elf and chooses to live as a human. Elrond, on the other hand, prefers to remain an Elf and stays in Middle-earth.

Morgoth has been defeated and expelled from the universe, and his dark armies are scattered to the east. However, his loyal commander Sauron is still alive and will become the greatest threat to the world in the two ages to come.

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