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Think of a horror movie, not only in the horror scenes but every moment of the film that will disturb you, make you feel squeezed, and keep your eyes on every corner of the screen. It is challenging to get full marks from all the critics at the Cannes Film Festival, but it is a magnificent success to make a horror movie and be liked by the majority. It Follows, managed to get out of Cannes, where the flying leaves are so popular, by taking the title of the scariest movie of recent years. As such, It Follows became one of the most popular films of the Istanbul Film Festival. After all the appreciation, it has turned into an option that I should definitely watch. Did I watch it? Of Course. As I left the theater, I found myself asking the question: Is the movie over? While asking myself the question, I was looking at every corner of the street, one by one, at the other smoking spectators. Is it between them?

I don’t think it would be enough to just call It Follows a horror movie. It doesn’t suit it completely. I don’t usually agree with Cannes, but this time, I agree with all of them: The movie was one of the best horror movies I’ve seen recently. Maybe it was the best. I’m so confused. The combination of music, shooting, and script was so successful that I can count very few horror movies that can get this trio right simultaneously. The story is also quite different from other horror movies; it is complicated to find original ideas for horror today.

So, let’s talk about it briefly… Jay is dating Hugh, but their dating ends in a way that Jay didn’t expect. After a beautiful evening, they decide to pull the car to a lonely place and have sex. After the sex, Hugh chooses to knock Jay unconscious rather than light a cigarette. When Jay wakes up, the world will never be the same for her anymore. Hugh passed on a sexually transmitted curse to her. Now Jay has to be vigilant in every moment of her life because this curse is a human-form nightmare that can come from anywhere at any time, walking nonstop on its victim and only visible to the cursed person.

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It is not clear when and where it will come out; it is not clear to whom, or what it will look like, it could be anyone; marching on without stopping; it never stops; a scourge that doesn’t stop until it kills the damned person unless it’s passed on through sex. More disturbing than frightening. The math is actually simple, you won’t die if you don’t go into the dark or wander the streets you don’t know. However, this account is not valid for It Follows. It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night; you are in danger of death every second of every moment. Imagine a man or woman walking towards you in a crowd or on an empty street. A soulless being, eyes fixed on you, walking towards you and not giving up until it hugs you.

What Jay has to do is sleep with someone else and pass the curse on; transfer it. But since the people she transferred were killed by the curse, the curse returns to her every time. Although the movie is scary in places, it is primarily disturbing. There is no solution; it is unclear where it came from and why it is unanswered. Just an endless struggle for life. As the movie progresses, Jay begins to suffocate, becoming bored and overwhelmed. We experience all of these feelings too much because we, as spectators, start to look for this curse that can appear at any time, day or night, throughout the film, in every corner of the silver screen. Our eyes are always around like Jay; we can’t sit comfortably for 2 minutes. Is it that woman? Is it the man behind? We watch the movie in a tense way all the time. That’s why it would be wrong to call It Follows just horror. Fear is momentary. This movie puts a heavy weight on you from the first second of the curse to the last second.

At the end of these suffocating 100 minutes, nothing happens. The movie ends without an ending. How could it end? We are talking about a paradox that will never end. It will jump through people, kill its next victim, and then go after the previous one again. It will be on top of them again tomorrow, even though they say I am saved today. That’s why I threw out the title as never-ending horror. Because this movie cannot be finished.

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I would like to congratulate the director David Robert Mitchell; He made good use of zoom, the damned movement of the cinema, in his film that defied the stereotypical rules of the cinema. He won my heart with his camera that glides like butter and his long plans. As successful as the screenplay, the film is also very successful in a cinematographic way. The director adds a plus of tension to his story with his camera movements. However, the level raiser is the soundtrack artist Disasterpeace. Revising the mono horror soundtracks of the 70s and 80s with the 2015 technique, Disasterpeace has officially added a dimension to the film. Who is the soundtrack composer? We can answer the question of how much their contribution to the movie is with this movie, and can teach it as a lesson in schools.

I totally agree with all the comments; It was the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a film with such an excellent director-scenario-sound combination after Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead and James Wan’s Insidious/The Conjuring. It’s a collectible movie that I think should definitely be watched, and the songs deserve a separate shelf. If you have the opportunity, I recommend watching this 100-minute heart-wrenching movie.

Cast & Crew

director: David Robert Mitchell

writers: David Robert Mitchell

starring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe, Bailey Spry

USA | 2015 | 100 MINUTES |


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