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For the past 1.5 years, I have started every paragraph about all Marvel movies and series with the same opening sentence. This is because it is worth reminding ourselves of this fact, as it makes the projects we watch more meaningful. With Phase 4, Marvel has started to focus on characters that it did not give enough attention to before. These include Black Widow, Scarlett, Loki, Dr. Strange, and, most recently, Hawkeye. Marvel fans have been eagerly waiting for a long time for solo projects featuring these characters. This new phase allows them to have a chance to become “main characters,” better late than never. Hawkeye is just one of the titles that opened this new page. He is one of the most background-explained characters in the movies. We knew he had a family and learned a little about where he came from. So now we have the opportunity to delve deeper into his life and past debts.

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Let’s briefly discuss the plot… While Loki was destroying New York with his alien army, young Kate Bishop witnessed Hawkeye’s heroism and decided to become an archer like him years later. Of course, archery is not the only thing she admires about him. She, too, yearns to become a hero like Hawkeye. After all, he is only human. Her obsession with becoming a hero leads her to trouble, and fate brings her into contact with Hawkeye. They then join forces to fight against the bad guys.

In Phase 4, Marvel is not only focusing on neglected characters but also building the foundation of its new series and movies on the problems left behind by the old films. The roots of the issues in the new series and movies come from the wreckage left behind by the Avengers’ stories, especially the New York battle in the first Avengers film in 2012. Just as the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine will become a turning point for the whole world when it ends, the New York battle in Phase 4 appears to be the sole event that laid the foundation for almost all the stories in the new phase.

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The only thing that sets Hawkeye and Black Widow apart from the others is their unresolved files from their spy days. They don’t just rely on events from 2012 but also deal with the adventures that remain open from their early professional experiences. The series creates a conflict based on Hawkeye’s unfinished past, as in Black Widow, but it also includes the character of Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. Kate Bishop serves as a character who is always by Hawkeye’s side, like a young Natasha, even if he doesn’t want her there. Again, this is a sign of Hawkeye’s vulnerability due to being human and needing help.

The 6-episode series wraps up the story without dragging it out too much. Compared to other Phase 4 series, Hawkeye doesn’t make any significant additions to the future. Likewise, Falcon and Winter Soldier come across as just a situational story. They don’t have any pluses for the chaos that will erupt in the future, like Loki or Scarlett. However, this doesn’t make the series terrible, as it is an enjoyable watch from many perspectives.

There are a few details that made the series successful. The first of these is Kate Bishop. It’s great to see Hailee Steinfeld, whom I’ve been following with interest since Pitch Perfect 3 and who I believe will be one of the big stars of the future, somehow enter the Marvel universe. Another excellent detail is that we’ve been able to see and experience the variety of Hawkeye’s arrows. The Hank Pym arrow still continues to decorate many internet meme visuals. The third nice detail is, of course, Florence Pugh. Thanks to the Yelena character in the series, which is directly related to the post-credit scene of Black Widow, we have also encountered the new Kingpin character. It was also good to see Kingpin in action.

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In short… Hawkeye is a successful project that does not exaggerate as a series and is quite well and briefly done. The main and guest characters’ presence makes the series worth watching. Although it did not contribute significantly to the massive chaos that will break out in May, it was pretty enjoyable to watch on its own. Of course, the main reason for this is the necessity of a solo project for the Hawkeye character, which Jeremy Renner has been portraying for 10 years. At least that fire within us has been extinguished.

Cast & Crew

creator: Disney+

starring: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga, Vincent D’Onofrio

USA | 2021 | 6 EPISODES |


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