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Lyanna Mormont is in the top 5 when I count the characters I love as someone who has a good knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe. Lyanna, played by Bella Ramsey, managed to steal everyone’s hearts during the series broadcast, including mine. After Lyanna’s heroic death, I promised myself I would watch all of Bella Ramsey’s projects. Because if the character of Lyanna Mormont was successful, it was Bella Ramsey. Despite her young age, her performance was admirable. We again see how talented and delightful an actress she is with Catherine Called Birdy.

Let’s briefly touch on the subject… Lord Rollo’s (Andrew Scott) money is running out, and the shortest way to prosperity is to marry his daughter to a rich man. But his daughter, Birdy (Bella Ramsey), does not want to get married. Instead, she manages to scare away all the bride-groom candidates one by one. During this period, when she was forced into marriage, she observes both herself and the people around her on their approach to “relationships.” On the one hand, Birdy, who has a bride-groom fight with her father, on the other hand, faces the realities of adult life.

Although the movie is a classic Coming of Age story, it has an original approach because it takes place in the medieval period. Adapted from the book by Karen Cushman, the film is the story of a young girl who does not want to be a Lady. The father wants to get his daughter married, but he is not cruel enough to force her into marriage. On the other hand, his daughter doesn’t even want to be called Lady, let alone get married. She wants to spend her time, wrestle in the mud and have fun with his friends. But the necessities of the medieval world are also evident. Women need to get married.

Catherine Called Birdy

The film actually builds its foundation on Bella Ramsey and does it successfully. The film is approaching from a personal point of view, and the content is not attractive, but watching Bella Ramsey is enough. The story she conveys throughout the film with both her external and internal voice is quite enjoyable. In addition, her performance is successful.

Another detail that makes the movie attractive, at least for me, is, of course, Isis Hainsworth. An extraordinary actress, Isis is one of the bright faces of the future like Bella. The movie doesn’t have any issues with acting at all. Some points of the film, which features four different Game of Thrones actors, are like theater. A delightful medieval game based on Bella, with many characters coming and going.

To sum it up… Catherine Called Birdy tells the story of a little girl forced to get married, her struggle with her father, and her struggle to understand life. But everything happens in the medieval world, which adds a little innovation. The movie becomes enjoyable thanks to the theatrical attitudes of the actors in it. Bella Ramsey proves again that she is a good actress in the film, and I am happy to see Isis Hainsworth again. In fact, the movie is Bella’s first lead role. And she does justice to her first lead role.

Cast & Crew

director: Lena Dunham

writers: Lena Dunham, Karen Cushman(based on the book by)

starring: Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, Andrew Scott, Joe Alwyn, Isis Hainsworth

ENGLAND-USA | 2022 | 108 MINUTES |


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