Best Movies of 2021

The pandemic is not over yet. We were still at home when we started the year. Toward the end, we slowly got out. Cinemas also opened gradually during this period. We finished the year with cinemas which we started with streaming services at first. We are even lucky; we even had the opportunity to attend some festivals. Yes, no matter how much we turned to the street, the lack of audience in the cinemas is striking. It’s a sad situation. People get used to watching movies at home. While the pandemic is not entirely over, it is evident that the cinemas will not be as full as before. Yet It’s nice to be back, though. This year, I’ve made my list of movies I’ve watched, thankfully, both at the cinema and home. In fact, I am happy to have watched my number one at the festival. I hope that next year we will get over the pandemic entirely and be back in cinemas completely.

  1. Last Night in Soho
  2. Never Gonna Snow Again
  3. Help
  4. The Last Duel
  5. I Care a Lot
  6. Identifying Features
  7. Gun And a Hotel Bible
  8. Malignant
  9. Profile
  10. PVT Chat
  11. Spider-Man: No Way Home
  12. Don’t Look Up
  13. Free Guy
  14. Crack
  15. The Dig
  16. Lucky
  17. Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  18. City of Lies
  19. The Father
  20. The Power
  21. Nobody
  22. Oxygen
  23. Till Death
  24. House of Gucci
  25. Pieces of a Woman
  26. The Affair
  27. Slaxx
  28. Godzilla vs. Kong
  29. V/H/94
  30. Passing


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