Best Movies of 2019

2019 was an excellent year for the cinema. It’s been a year where we witnessed Tarantino’s most personal film; we couldn’t get enough of Keanu Reeves again, we closed the Marvel universe completely, and we witnessed Joaquin Phoenix’s magnificent Joker performance. We can consider ourselves lucky. We watched some perfect movies. But my list is full of indie movies, not the ones that grace everyone’s lists this year.

  1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  2. Jojo Rabbit
  3. Capernaum
  4. Green Book
  5. Unicorn Store
  6. Border
  7. The Lighthouse
  8. Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood
  9. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  10. Parasite
  11. The Old Man & The Gun
  12. Joker
  13. Dragged Across Concrete
  14. Ford v Ferrari
  15. The White Crow
  16. John Wick: Chapter 3
  17. Brexit: The Uncivil War
  18. Bliss
  19. IO

Ironically, I had no trouble choosing the best movie of the year, in which I almost fell asleep in the first half hour. But the same film had to share first place with another film I watched without blinking. Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Jojo Rabbit are two beautiful works that will not be forgotten for many years. Apart from these, my list was again shaped according to my perspective on art. Unicorn Store, which you will not see in any other list, is on my list because it made me feel exceptional. Again, Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood was also a movie that hit me in the heart. There are also memorable films such as Border and Capernaum on my list that are not appreciated enough, in my opinion. Likewise, IO, which is at the bottom of my list, is one of the most extraordinary films of the year, especially with its narrative.


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