Best Movies of 2017

Yet another year has ended. As always, incredible movies flourished in cinemas. But this year, streaming services have been attached to our life. Now we have started to watch movies not only on the big screen but also on our small screens. And the funny thing, the best movie I watched this year is a Netflix movie.

  1. War Machine
  2. Baby Driver
  3. Atomic Blonde
  4. The Fits
  5. Lady Macbeth
  6. Logan Lucky
  7. The Founder
  8. Get Out
  9. Brimstone
  10. Gifted
  11. Ingrid Goes West
  12. The Lure
  13. Manchester by the Sea
  14. The Salesman
  15. Kong: Skull Island
  16. Logan
  17. Wonder Woman
  18. A Ghost Story
  19. Queen of Katwe
  20. Hidden Figures

Most lists are topped with Get Out, yet I don’t think it is the year’s best movie. And, of course, it is all about taste. My taste in art mostly comes from action movies. I grew up with Spielberg. So that is why Baby Driver and Atomic Blonde are on my list. Yet the best film of the year I chose is an absurd comedy about the reality in the middle east: War Machine. Its narrative made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t resist not adding it to the top of my list. Also, my list is filled with bio films this year. I have always been a fan of real-life stories. I still think the same, real life is much more exciting than the fictional world. It is hard to believe that those people really existed.


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