Best Horror Movies of 2020

Since 2013, I have been making lists of the best or notable horror films of the year. 2020 could be the worst year for horror cinema so far. In fact, it is. Are there good films? Yes. However, this year we see the effects of deviating from the genre more than ever in the horror films I mentioned last year. Most of the films on the list resemble action-packed thrillers rather than horror films. This change in horror films saddens me a little. This year, there are even fewer films on the list compared to last year. I’m sorry.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, which is not only one of the best horror films but also one of the best works of the year in general, is a film that brilliantly executes the mathematics of the screenplay and should be shown as a lesson in schools, from acting to cinematography. If a gun is shown in the frame, the mathematics of when that gun should go off is used so beautifully that every detail on the screen reappears at some point in the film. As someone who has watched almost all Invisible Man films, I can confidently say that Leigh Whannell has brought a new innovation to the classic theme that has never been done before. It is definitely a must-watch.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

As werewolf films begin to lose their impact in cinema, The Wolf of Snow Hollow comes to the rescue. Adding a touch of comedy to the classic werewolf story, the film does not compromise on brutality. It tells the story of a detective investigating the gruesome deaths that begin in a small town, offering an enjoyable viewing experience even though we know where it will end. With an innovative story and quality performances, it is one of the watchable horror films of the year.

Black Box

Black Box, which would be more accurately described as psychological thriller, is a quality psychological horror/thriller story that combines a meaningful message with the future of technology. The film portrays a man who tries to explore his forgotten memories through science and encounters unwanted visuals. Particularly with its ending, it successfully executes the twist phenomenon in a precise manner.

The Owners

A classic home invasion story. Starring Maisie Williams, the film revolves around the story of young intruders breaking into an elderly couple’s house. Thinking that robbing the elderly would be easy, the young intruders find themselves facing a counterattack reminiscent of Don’t Breathe. The film is action-packed and also successful in creating mystery.

Body Cam

A found footage story established through a police camera. The film tells the story of a woman chasing criminals at night and focuses on the strange events that happen to her. While not a masterpiece, it is worth a try because it brings a fresh perspective to the found footage genre.


A Russian-made alien horror. The film depicts the days spent by a scientist in a secret facility and focuses on the behavior of the alien kept hidden from everyone inside. The scientist brought in to understand this creature will eventually become the cause of an unstoppable chain of chaos.

The Dark and the Wicked

The Dark and the Wicked, the only example in the year that can truly be called horror, focuses on the psychological breakdown of a family. The family is forced to confront a lurking entity and embarks on an adventure they cannot handle. With the only film of the year truly dedicated to scaring and jolting you out of your seat, I conclude my list here. See you next year.


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